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3 simple steps to your dream Reward…



Simply login in the TVSMILES app or sign-up as a new user.


Grab a bargain

Access hundreds of top quality deals and shop to your heart’s content.


Choose your Reward

Earn Smiles with every purchase. Cash these in in the Smiles Shop for whatever Reward you want.

TVSMILES Deals is simple: Just click on the Deals tab and browse our numerous, money-saving offers. And even better, with every purchase we’ll give you Smiles, TVSMILES’ valuable, digital currency, which you can use to redeem Rewards from our Smiles Shop. All you have to do is download the app, head to the Smiles Shop and select what you want.

Your Smiles will be transferred to your account after every purchase. Dependent on the respective offer, however, this can occasionally take a couple of days. You can also collect more Smiles by participating in surveys and taking part in special prize draws.

Your Smiles balance is displayed in the top right-hand corner, and by clicking on the Smiles Transactions tab, you will see where each of your Smiles has come from.

Smiles are the name of the points that you can collect by using TVSMILES Deals and the TVSMILES App. The Smiles have their own worth. They work as a virtual currency which can be exchanged for useful and exciting Rewards.

The Smiles you earn are reviewable in your Smiles balance after every transaction. The time it takes for them to become redeemable, however, varies according to each respective offer/partner. Head to your Smiles Account in the top right hand-corner of the screen to view the status of your Smiles.

Your Smiles will be transferred to your account as soon as our partner confirms your participation. During this period, however, your Smiles will appear in your account as reserved, meaning they are pending confirmation and cannot be redeemed for Rewards.

When you take part in an offer, we will immediately credit your account with Smiles. Whilst waiting on confirmation from our partner that you have actually participated, however, these Smiles remain reserved and cannot be redeemed. Your Smiles then become redeemable once we have official confirmation from our partners. You can use these anytime to purchase valuable Rewards from our Smiles Shop.

After you have logged into the TVSMILES Deals website, you will see your account balance in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can also click directly on ‘Account Overview’ to be taken directly to your Smiles balance.

You can swap your Smiles for Rewards at any time in the TVSMILES app. Don’t have it yet? Well it’s about time; in-app, you’ll find loads more ways to earn Smiles!

Install the TVSMILES app now!

Your Smiles are good for 12 months. We reserve the right to delete Smiles from users who have been inactive for three months or longer; in other words users who have not opened the app at least once in this time.

We only need your address for the sole purpose of sending you your Reward. We don‘t give these details to a third party. We guarantee you that these details are in secure hands with us and will never be used for any other purpose.

You have the choice between vouchers sent to you via mail or vouchers and items sent to you by post.

It usually takes a couple of days until your package arrives. In particular cases it can take up to four weeks. If your package needs longer than that, please contact us.

Occasionally due to delivery shortcomings there can be slight delays with the delivery of your Rewards. After ordering a Reward you must confirm that you have received our mail or send us your address so that we can send you your Reward. On rare occasions, it can happen that our mail has landed in your spam folder – please check this. If you haven‘t received your Reward within four weeks please contact our support team at

It is very important that you only use the address that you have registered with for the app.

Smiles can only be swopped for the listed items or vouchers. A cash pay-out is never possible.

Depending on the Reward there is occasionally a minimum order. This is the exception to the rule however, and there you are not bound to a particular product with the various vouchers. Some shops may have postage costs, however.

All vouchers are valid for minimum 12, maximum 36 months. With some companies the validity length can deviate from this. Important: The exact validity length can be found in the description of each voucher.

We at TVSMILES are happy to help you with any question you have about your app, TVSMILES Deals or your Smiles? You will get a swift response at

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